DANCING WITH DICTATORS-The Story of the Last foreign publisher in Burma

DANCING WITH DICTATORS is a film about Burma and the battle for control of a newspaper. Central to the story is Australian publisher Ross Dunkley who owns The Myanmar Times. Like all media in Myanmar the newspaper is heavily censored. The government has forced a 51% partner on Dunkley and after the first election in 20 years their enmity explodes. Dunkley is arrested and imprisoned as his immigration charges turn into a sexual smear campaign. His partner takes control of the newspaper and the government moves towards ending any foreign ownership of the Burmese media. An Evershine Production.

Writer/Director: Hugh Piper
Producer/Camera: Helen Barrow
Editor: John Pleffer
Composer: Guy Gross

Running Time: 80 mins and 57 mins
Format HDCAM 16:9

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